I am Phoenix White.

Originally from San Diego CA, but I've lived just about everywhere. I love to experience, feel and capture the essence of a moment. Moments simply captivate me. I live to create & innovate fresh, clean, creative ideas & concepts. My gift is that I can see the greatness of what something or someone can become, I see the formula needed to fill in the missing pieces, and I have the ability to execute that vision in all aspects from start to finish. I just naturally do it. I'm also a pretty good listener, and work 'with' my clients to give them exactly what they envision for their brand.

I have worked with some of biggest celebrity names and companies from design, to photography, to personal and executive assisting, to full creative directing and managing large scale projects and events. I've also shot some of the most captivating people around the world and in 3rd world countries. I love it. 

HOW... Mostly by word of mouth.

From a design perspective, I was always good at it every since I was a child. I LOVE computers, technology, researching and learning something new, especially new techniques to enhance my skills. It started as simply a hobby. I Love to create, in school friends would always ask me to create something for them as a favor, or I would always end up managing and over seeing many projects for my celebrity friends who needed someone to just jump right in and help them problem solve or simply help them execute a vision. So I quickly began doing it professionally as a freelancer.  When I graduated, I began designing for the grammy award winning group 'Destiny's Child', and soon became the Fan Club and merchandising Director which managed all aspects of the fan club brand from the creative vision to their online presence and sales to print. Managing from beginning to end and it just took off from there.

As a Photographer & Filmaker, I started out as a model, singer and actress. So I spent a great deal of my life learning how to be in front of the camera, learning what works & what doesn't. I've always had a camera whether it was the yellow crank up throw away, a polaroid or now my canon. I simply love to capture the true essence of a persons spirit. Often when I would travel to different countries I would just shoot random people in their native state and it mesmerized and captivated me on a soul level. Everyone has a story. You can feel it in their eyes it. On the flip side I'm totally in love with architecture. Needless to say my house was just filled with photographs. Then one day I was asked if I would consider creative directing and shooting for a popular magazine and voila a photography career was born.

As A Producer & Director, I believe it's just always been in me and I love it. Having vision and the tools needed to bring those visions to life brings me so much joy. I believe that I have a fresh non traditional approach to things. I dont read the rule books. Or try to follow a traditional way or method of thinking. I just create with tireless passion; and I believe that's what people love about me and my work. Within the current year I have worked with HBO, Glassman Media, VH1, WeTV, and CMT to name a few. I have also learned from some of the greatest mentors in film and television that have helped me accelerate in ways one could never imagine.

The rest of my time is spent with my 13 year old son and helping to empower and inspire those who come into contact with me as I continue to grow, learn, and embrace whatever the future holds.